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C3 China Consultants, based in Beijing, China offers executive management consulting services through it four service product lines; 1) China Strategic Business Plan Development, 2) Investment Banking, 3) Strategic Market Research and 4) China Educational Service. C3 China Consultants offers our services through our worldwide network of affiliated offices and professionals.

For our western clients, we specialize in providing China research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities in China. We provide theses services by utilizing our extensive China network of national and local affiliated C3 companies and government agencies to tailor specific cross cultural solutions for our Western clients.

For our Chinese clients, we provide research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities and raising capital outside China. We assists our Chinese clients to execute their globalization plans by providing these services through the utilization of our extensive network of affiliated C3 companies outside China to tailor specific cross cultural solutions for our Chinese clients.

C3 obtains results for your company by providing the market research to support your decision to enter your new market, a Best of East And West (※BEWE§) strategic management market entry plan and the necessary execution support - national, local and industry specific relationships - to effectively and efficiently achieve your company's goals.

Founded in the 1990*s, the executive management of C3 China Consultants Group of companies has completed engagements for clients including startups, small businesses, venture capital and private equity firms, middle market and Fortune 500 companies.

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The Management


Jeffrey J. Don leads the C3 management team as C3 *s chief executive officer and founder. He has over 25 years experience doing business in Asia and formulated numerous strategic business plans for western companies seeking to enter the Asian and China markets and for Asian and China companies seeking to enter the U.S. markets. As CEO of Telecom Sino Group, a Telecom Consulting company, he led the team that developed the China telecommunications market entry strategy for two Top Ten Fortune 500 companies; a U.S. telecommunications company and a U.S. computer company.

He is a licensed United States attorney, a member of the California Bar Association, a graduate of the University of Southern California Law Center and a graduate of the University of California at Davis, California where he obtained his Bachelors degree in Economics and graduated Summa Cum Laude as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and President of the Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society.

Each member of his executive management team has decades of experience doing business in and with China and brings both a wealth of China experience and extensive China relationships to formulate and implement the C3 business solutions for its clients. With expertise and relationships in both the private and public sectors of the developing China market economy, the fastest growing economy in the world, the C3 management team is able to formulate its BEWE solutions to meet the ever-changing dynamic China market conditions.

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C3 Credentials & Executive Management Team


The C3 Solutions - Best of East and West Business Practices (BEWE)

As an alliance of expert consultants doing business in and with China, C3 utilizes its Best of East and West Business Practices (※BEWE§) to advise C3 customers on how to do business in China, how to globalize an existing China business and how to access global investment funds.

Utilizing the combined expertise of all C3 affiliated consultants in combination with the broad scope of expertise of the C3 executive management team, C3 is able to deliver a depth and breadth of expertise in formulating practical cost efficient solutions that can be implemented by a Western company seeking to do business in the China business culture and for a Chinese company seeking to globalize its business by doing business in a western business culture - BEWE Solutions for a multicultural business world.

The BEWE plans prepared by the C3 serve as a key ※alignment documents§ whose objective is to adjust the expectations between the western businesses and the Chinese businesses to the same common business objectives and goals as set forth in the BEWE plans.

By utilizing the best that each business culture 每 east and west 每 has to offer, C3 is able to tailor solutions to meet the needs of its clients. Whether it is a Western company seeking to do business with China or a Chinese company seeking to go global, the C3 Best of East and West (※BEWE§) solutions are cultural strategic plans that can be implemented by multi-cultural management teams in an international market place 每 the global economy. C3 "BEWE" Solutions For A Global Economy!

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The C3 Network

The core of C3*s business is its network of affiliated local partners located in both China and the West. Each local partner is an independent expers in its own field with a strategic affiliation to C3 The network is comprised of existing expert consultants in diverse businesses working together to pool their knowledge. By utilizing the services of other experts within the network, C3 is capable of delivering cross cultural efficient executable solutions across a variety of industries; solutions that are industry specific. With affiliated C3 experts in diverse fields ranging from the manufacturing of IC chips to the usage of 3rd party guarantees in the China commercial lending markets, C3 can and will find a solution to achieve your company*s objectives.

For example, western investment companies desiring to invest in China can access the C3 Network to locate investments that meet the investor*s specific requirements. Chinese companies desiring to source western funds can use the C3 Network to locate suitable investors. In both examples, the C3 Network enhances the rate of success by leveraging on the resources of the Network 每 more investment opportunities for the investor to consider due to the expanded sourcing through the C3 Network and more western investors for the Chinese company to source funds due to the expanded number of potential investors thru the C3 Network. Located at the center of the C3 Network and directing business ※traffic§ is C3 Consultants..

Key to the success of the C3 Network is the C3 Control Center. Through its Control Center, C3 directs the flow of business opportunities and projects among the Local Partners within the C3 Network, matching the diverse expertise available within the Local Network to the needs of an individual project. This enables C3 and each of the C3 local partners to deliver world class business solutions to each an every client of both C3 and its C3 local partners. All clients and all C3 local partners benefit from the Network*s advantages 每 greater depth and scope of expertise and coverage of a broader scope of markets.

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Some of the C3 Network Affiliates and Partners
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