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C3 has and can host China conferences and China trade delegations on behalf of clients and government patrons. By utilizing its China national level relationships, C3 is able to host industry specific conferences and trade missions to and from China. Many China companies talk about having the relationships ¨C the guanxi ¨C to get things done in China. They talk the talk, but not all can walk the walk. C3 has proven China relationships to assist its clients to obtain their China objectives. C3 has hosted and is planning future national level China government sponsored conferences and has been appointed by a China national ministry level commission to lead westerns company trade delegations to China.

C3 in conjunction with one of its major China government patrons is concentrating on China strategic industries such as electricity, petroleum and chemicals, telecom, coal, civil aviation and shipping and defense. However, at the request of C3 clients or other government agencies, C3 can assist in other industries to organize and host China conferences and delegations to meet your needs.

China Conferences

In late Fall 2005, C3 hosted the first ever China Financial Conference sponsored at the national level by the China State owned Assets and Administration Commission of the State Council, PRC (SASAC)

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SASAC, in its central government mandated role as the activist shareholder of the China State Owned Enterprises (SOE's), controls the 155 largest nationally state owned enterprises and the approximately 150,000 related SOE's under those 155 SOE¡¯s. Collectively, the 155 national SOE¡¯s and their related SOE¡¯s contribute about 30% to the China GDP (World Bank Beijing Office Report of April 2006). The GDP of China is about 4% of the global GDP as reported by Steven Roach Chainman of Morgan Stanley at the BOAO Economic Conference of April 2006 in Hainan Islands, China. So doing the math, 30% of 4% = 1.2% which presumably means SASAC controlled companies contribute 1.2% of the global GDP. Whether that 1.2% is an entirely accurate figure is open to debate. However, what is not open to debate is that the SASAC SOE¡¯s are quite large in economic terms no matter how one measures!

The 155 companies overseen by SASAC include some of China¡¯s largest enterprises, ranked high in the Fortune 500 list, in the oil, telecommunications and steel sectors. SASAC has overseen the reform of dozens of unstructured, poorly run companies, including the state-owned banks, such as Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, and the energy giant PetroChina, which have gone on to raise billions of dollars from investors on the mainland and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

In attendance at that Fall 2005 conference were the CFO¡¯s and financial managers of many of the top State Owned Enterprises in China such as China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation China Nuclear Engineering & Construction (Group) Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

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C3 currently has, in the concept stages of development, future conferences in China in the following business areas. These future conferences are to be hosted under the sponsorship of the relevant national level Chinese organizations and government agencies.

1. Doing Business in China With the China Industrial Manufacturing Sector
2. Doing Business in China with the China Semiconductor Industry
3. Doing Business in China with the China Financial Industry
4. Doing Business in China with the China Petrochemical Industry
5. Doing Business in China with the China Entertainment Industry
6. Doing Business in China with the China Telecommunications Industry

If your company or government agency would like our assistance to organize a China conference, please contact us.

China Trade Delegations

In late Fall 2007, C3 was appointed by SASAC, a national ministry level Chinese government agency to lead delegations of western companies to China in order to familiarize the delegations on doing business in China and match the companies up with their Chinese counter parts. The objective of these trade delegations is to enhance bilateral trade between Chinese and western companies thought the exchange of business ideas and opportunities that serves as the foundation for future long term quality cooperation between the two sides.

For 2008, C3 currently has in development trade delegations in the following areas.

1. China Industrial Machinery & Manufacturing Sector
2. China Financial Industry
3. China Energy Industries - Electricity, Petroleum, Coal And Alterative Energy Sources
4. China Telecom Industry
5. China Civil Aviation and Shipping Industries
6. China defense industry

If your company or government agency would like our assistance to organize a China trade delegation in other China industries, please contact us.

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China Trade Delegations

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