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Investment Banking Consulting Services

Management Consulting

C3 Consultants offers strategic business plan development, market research, and investment banking consulting services through our network of offices and professionals worldwide. We specialize in research, strategy, and transactional advisory work to identify, validate, and/or articulate growth opportunities.
We help our clients:

1. Develop professional business plans
2. Secure capital
3. Sell all or part of their business
4. Value their business
5. Conduct feasibility studies of their business and product initiatives

C3 Consultants also performs services for its clients that flow naturally from our strategic advisory and investment banking practices, including:

1. Strategic Market Research, both via primary and secondary research, through or C3 Vision China division.
2 .Executive Management Training, for both Western and Chinese companies seeking to do business in the otherĄ¯s country, through our C3 Educational Executive Training division.

The C3 Network of companies also performs services for its clients that flow naturally from our C3 Consultants strategic advisory and investment banking practices, including:

1. Corporate Identity/Branding/Logo Work
2. Off shore corporate formation, maintenance and tax advisory services
3. Presentation, Document Development, and Graphic Design Services
4. Website Design and Development Services
5. Internet strategic marketing services, including search-engine marketing (SEM) and search-engine optimization (SEO) service
6. Prospective Customer Identification and Outreach
7. Legal, Patent, and Accounting Services

C3 has vast experience in completing advisory engagements directed at audiences including:
1. Venture capital and private equity firms
2. Angel, corporate, and strategic investors and reviewers
3. Commercial lenders
4. Customers and Prospective Customers
5. Senior management/board members/employees/other internal audiences

Investment Banking Consulting Services

C3 with its overseas partners offers its Chinese clients financial consulting services and specializes in raising equity, debt capital commercial credit facilities and advising on business sale and acquisition opportunities for emerging and middle market companies.

Our process for finding and securing the right buyers/investors for our clients includes the following:

* Evaluating financing, sale, and acquisition alternatives

*Developing and/or refining financing and business sale diligence and selling materials

*Developing lists of qualified investors, buyers, and sellers within our extensive network


*Contacting these parties on our clientsĄ¯ behalf

*Facilitating the due diligence process

*Negotiating, structuring and closing the transaction

C3 Comprehensive Consulting Process Map

At C3, we work with both western in bound to China clients and Chinese companies out bound from China. We help our clients at every phase along the In Bound or Out Bound China marketing lifecycle from creating a market-entry strategy to refining product and service mixes to developing a sales and marketing strategies and responding to local market feedback. We provide our clients with the most in-depth market information and understanding possible while still keeping our processes simple and flexible and our analysis comprehensive by following our C3 comprehensive consulting process map.

Click below to learn More About Our C3 Comprehensive Consulting Process Map.

C3 Comprehensive Consulting Process Map
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