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C3 China Education is its educational arm that provides educational training to western companies seeking to develop a better understanding of doing business with and in China and for those Chinese companies seeking to better understand how to do business with the west. The C3 China business educational classes are taught by distinguished Professors from top Chinese Universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Wuhan University along with China business practitioners with decades of Chinese business experience.

Doing Business In China Education Program

The Doing Business In China Education (DBIC) Program introduces western students to the general environment of doing business in contemporary China and equips students with the background, effective strategies and approaches for doing businesses in that particular environment through an overview survey of relevant aspects of China in terms of its society, politics, culture, history, economy and market entry strategy aspects.

In addition, the program introduces students to a selected Chinese industry by presenting the history of the industry, the current companies within the industry, government policies affecting the industry, current business opportunities within the industry, the projected future development of the industry and strategies for doing business with and in this industry

The program is an executive training course geared towards foreign business executive stationed in or en route to China, overseas businessmen interested in expanding their business into China and business students considering further detailed studies of Chinese business. The course is taught in English.

The course is offered in two formats:

1. In China at sponsoring Chinese educational institutions and
2. Abroad at sponsoring Western educational institutions.

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Doing Business In China Program

Doing Business In America Education Program

The Doing Business in America program is geared for those globalizing Chinese companies and Chinese companies considering globalization.

The United States of America offers a relatively open business environment. It is very easy to start a business or to conduct commerce in the USA. There are, however, some restrictions that apply and many hazards to avoid. The Doing Business in America program provides information about doing business in the USA including many useful tips on how to start and develop your business and how to avoid the most common problems.

This information is presented to help foreign firms currently doing business in the USA, to assist foreign entrepreneurs wishing to establish a business in the US, and to aid foreign businesses in establishing commerce with US companies.

The Doing Business in America program also provides basic information about the organization and structure of various US business models, presents some of the most common legal requirements and basic taxation issues. The program will discuss generally accepted business practices, corporate etiquette and US business culture. C3 has a wealth of information about the business environment in various states and cities throughout the United States and C3 Local partners who are part of the C3 Network of companies.

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Doing Business In America Program

China Conferences

C3 currently has, in the concept stages of development, future conferences in China in the following business areas. These future conferences are to be hosted under the sponsorship of the relevant national level Chinese organizations and government agencies.

1. Doing Business in China With the China Industrial Manufacturing Sector
2. Doing Business in China with the China Semiconductor Industry
3. Doing Business in China with the China Financial Industry
4. Doing Business in China with the China Petrochemical Industry
5. Doing Business in China with the China Entertainment Industry
6. Doing Business in China with the China Telecommunications Industry

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Fall 2005 Conference
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General Information

Trade Delegations

In late Fall 2007, C3 was appointed by SASAC, a national ministry level Chinese government agency to lead delegations of western companies to China in order to familiarize the delegations on doing business in China and match the companies up with their Chinese counter parts. The objective of these trade delegations is to enhance bilateral trade between Chinese and western companies thought the exchange of business ideas and opportunities that serves as the foundation for future long term quality cooperation between the two sides.

For the future, C3 currently has in development trade delegations in the following areas.

1. China Industrial Machinery & Manufacturing Sector
2. China Financial Industry
3. China Energy Industries - Electricity, Petroleum, Coal And Alterative Energy Sources
4. China Telecom Industry
5. China Civil Aviation and Shipping Industries
6. China defense industry

If your company or government agency would like our assistance to organize a China trade delegation in other China industries, please contact us.

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China Trade
Delegations Information

Meet Your China Counter Parts Program

Perhaps your company is not yet ready to prepare a full-blown China market entry or globalization plan, but has what you think is a good business idea. Have you or your company ever wanted to discuss that business idea or opportunity with someone in China, someone knowledgeable about China, maybe an industry insider or regulator, to see if the idea will work in China? Maybe you already know who to speak to but juts doní»t have the relationship, the guanxi to approach him?

We can help you to both identify and arrange the meeting with the targeted person as part of our Pre-China Market Entry program.

Contact us for further details.

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