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C3 China Consultants is a Beijing, China based consulting company providing management-consulting, investment banking, market research and educational programs services; all relating to China. Whether you are a western company looking to develop or refine your existing China market entry strategy or a Chinese company seeking to globalize your business and funds raising processes, C3 China Consultants is here to support your endeavors by providing practical cost efficient Best of East and West (¡°BEWE¡±) solutions to achieve your company objectives.

Management Consulting & Investment Banking

C3 China Consultants offers strategic business plan development, investment banking, strategic market research and venture capital research services through our network of offices and professionals worldwide.

For our western clients, we specialize in China by providing research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities in China. We provide theses services by utilizing our extensive China network of affiliated C3 companies at both the national and local levels to tailor specific cross cultural solutions for our clients.
For our Chinese clients, we provide research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities outside China. We assists our Chinese clients to execute their globalization plans by providing these services through the utilization of our extensive network of affiliated C3 companies outside China to tailor specific cross cultural solutions for our clients.

Founded in the 1990¡¯s, the C3 China Consultants Group has completed engagements for clients including startups, small businesses, venture capital and private equity firms, middle market and Fortune 500 companies.

C3 Vision China Market Research ¨C Market Research That Makes a Difference!

C3 Vision China provides trusted world-class quality research in China with headquarters in Beijing and affiliated C3 companies across China. As China opens its economy, every multinational companies wants to be here in some form. However, a company will only succeed if it understands the preferences of its Chinese customer base. Whether your firm is entering the Chinese market for the first time, expanding its existing Chinese business lines, or performing due diligence, C3 Vision China can help.

For our Chinese clients, C3 Vision China can provide globalization support services in many different forms ranging from its own China based services and that of its China C3 Network of affiliated companies and to those of its oversees affiliated companies. Through C3 Consulting, Chinese companies can develop strategic plans for globalization expansion of operations and fund raising efforts in line with China government policies and in line with Western business practices.

C3 China Education

C3 China Education is C3 educational arm that provides educational training to western companies seeking to develop a better understanding of doing business with and in China and for those Chinese companies seeking to better understand how to do business with the west. The C3 China business educational classes are taught by distinguished Professors from top Chinese Universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Wuhan University along with China business practitioners with decades of Chinese business experience.
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