C3 Projects Bulletin Board

On our C3 Projects Bulletin Board you will find general information about existing China business opportunities involved in some way with China. The China business opportunity could involve a Chinese company seeking western investment or looking for western business know how. The opportunity could also involve a western company seeking a China company assistance in entering the China market or vice-a-versa. The possibilities are endless especially given the broad scope of markets covered by our C3 Network of companies. However, before placing a China Business Opportunity on our Bulleting board, we do try to screen out the truly off the wall proposals - like a proposal to sell land on Mars after China lands its astronauts there in a few years! (But if you are a licensed real estate broker of and a member in good standing of the Martian Federation of Real Estate brokers, we would consider your project listing, so long as you agree to list our C3 affiliate¡¯s project to sell land under the Whampoa River in Shanghai to your Martian clients!)

Any information about a particular opportunity comes from the company management and we make no warranties relating thereto. So do you homework should you decide to pursue any of these China business opportunities.

In the China Opportunities - General Listing section to this board you will find Project Abstracts containing basic information about selected projects. You will find expanded information about a few selected China business opportunities in the ¡°In The Spotlight¡± section to this board. In the Spotlight section, we try to give more details (as provided by company management) about the particular business opportunity such as company & management histories and perhaps a brief SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis.

Contact us if you need more information about any of the Projects on the Board, if you or your company would like to add a Project to the Board or if you have any questions about it! We will respond on a timely basis and it¡¯s free!

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