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WELCOME TO C3 VISION CHINA 每 Market Research That Makes a Difference!

C3 Vision China provides trusted world-class quality research in China with headquarters in Beijing and affiliated C3 companies across China.

As China opens its economy, every multinational companies needs to be here in some form. However, a company will only succeed if it understands the preferences of its Chinese customer base. Whether your firm is entering the Chinese market for the first time, expanding its existing Chinese business lines, or performing due diligence, C3 Vision China can help

C3 Vision China provides targeted market research that will help your firm make the critical decisions that lead to China success. The key to every project*s success lies with clearly understanding the objective. C3 Vision China*s Principals bring both Western and Chinese expertise to the table and utilizing Best of East and West (BEWE) methodologies, gets meaningful market information upon which your company can base your decisions. Nothing gets lost in translation.

Based in Beijing and Los Angeles, our specialties are China-wide:

1. Focus Groups Interviews
2. Surveys
3. Product Marketing Analysis 每 Client & Competitors* Products Industry Reports
4. Competitor Analysis And Partner Identification


Interviews will enable you to take the pulse of your local customer base and potential customers. The qualitative data obtained from focus group interviews and individual interviews will provide insight about your local consumer and help shape your local market strategy.

Successful interviews depend upon the moderator understanding the objectives of the study, leading the discussions to get relevant answer but not guiding the subjects towards a desired conclusion. A skilled moderator will get relevant information to the objective, while not steering the process to a pre-determined outcome. While this may sound like common sense, cultural differences and language translations often hinder the interview process and distort the gathered information. C3 handles the nuances required to meet your objectives.

C3 Vision China focuses on six key criteria to ensure that your interviews will be a success:

Moderator Selection. The cultural expectations of subjects vary across industries and demographics, making it imperative that a well-suited moderator is selected. C3 Vision China only assigns an experienced moderator whose expertise is applicable to your market.

Moderator Briefing. Since Chinese moderators are rarely fluent in English, C3 Vision China will serve as your go-between. Our Western professionals will discuss your objectives and ensure that the moderator understands the nuances that make focus groups a success.

Questionnaire Design. C3 Vision China will assist you in preparing a questionnaire that will achieve your objectives. C3 Vision China will also help modify your questionnaire to fit the local culture if needed.

Client Involvement. Focus group summaries and digital recordings are available so that you will be able to follow up after each focus group interview has been completed. This will enable you to provide feedback to the moderator between groups and modify questions as necessary. Our Western and Chinese professionals supervise the group and will make suggestions based on your objectives.

In-house facilities. C3 Vision China features state-of-the-art facilities with digital recording equipment and the ability to transmit live web based showings of the actual focus group interviews.

Subject Recruitment. C3 Vision China has an extensive network that enables us to recruit from any demographic or profession that suits your needs. We provide biographical profiles of each subject to make sure they fit the profile you want to know


Interview/Focus Group Deliverables

1. Questionnaire Design And Translation
2. Interview Facility.
3. Recruitment And Incentives
4. Moderation
5. Simultaneous Translation
6. Digitally-Recorded Interviews
7. Final Report


Surveys will enable you to reach a larger sample size within your targeted demographic. C3 Vision China will skillfully coordinate the survey to ensure that the respondents represent the targeted group and that there are no multiple responses from the same subject.

C3 Vision China focuses on three key criteria to ensure that your focus group will be a success:

Data Integrity. C3 Vision China combines the use of technology and carefully trained associates to ensure that the responses are accurately recorded. C3 Vision China uses analytical tools to audit our survey results, helping ensure the accuracy of your data.

Questionnaire Design. C3 Vision China will assist you in preparing a survey questionnaire that will provide the data required to meet your survey objectives. If you already have a questionnaire that you would like to use, C3 Vision China will review it and make recommendations to improve the cultural fit, if needed. C3 Vision China will translate to Chinese and make sure the translation is accurate.

Subject Selection. C3 Vision China*s extensive network enables us to recruit from a specific demographic or conduct a general survey, whichever best suits your objectives.


1. Questionnaire design and translation
2. Recruitment and incentives (if applicable)
3. Conduct Interviews
4. Final report, including summary and data file



PMA will enable you to monitor how your products along with your competitors* products are being sold and marketed. Now your product is in the marketplace. Is it being sold in the manner you identified as critical to its success? PMA is a useful tool to ensure service delivery is supporting your product*s sales success. PMA is a useful tool for ensuring compliance with organizational standards and provides an effective method of evaluating the policies put in place to achieve them.

C3*s real-time shopping surveys utilize standardized, objective questions that yield dependable data that can be analyzed with confidence. Shopping surveys are often superior to customer satisfaction surveys as they are often completed immediately after-the-fact and rely on impressions and memory of the sales experience. Service standardization and motivated salespeople will result in a better experience for your customers.


Recurring programs. A successful recurring PMA survey program will measure a variety of outlets on a consistent basis. A recurring program will enable you to evaluate progress and maintain closer control over your product from month to month.

Diagnostic programs. C3 will conduct a blanket survey of your sales and service processes and to identify areas of strength and those that need improvement. Diagnostic programs are an effective way of beginning a recurring program. The diagnostic survey will highlight the areas to be monitored on a recurring basis.

Competitive audit programs 每 C3 can also examine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors sales and using a survey template that measures the most important product marketing attributes to your business.

PMA Survey

C3 ensures that your PMA survey is a success by focusing on the following key criteria.

1. Questionnaire design
2. Targeted sampling
3. Shopper Recruitment
4. Shopper Training
5. Data collection


1. Questionnaire design and translation
2. Conduct shopping interviews
3. Final report, including summary and data file


C3 Vision China can provide industry reports, applicable for companies entering specific Chinese markets, offering documents, due diligence, and strategic planning to support the decision to enter the specific China market.

Common Details included in our Industry Reports include:

1. Industry Overview
2. Analysis Of Key Enterprises Operating Conditions
3. Industry Development And Opportunities
4. Industry Development And Market Forecast

In addition to the objective data contained in the Industry Report, C3 and its affiliates at the China national and local levels can provide a critique of the industry from the vantage point of ※experienced China eyes.§ These C3 Industry Critique Reports give context and depth to the objective data in the Industry Report. What is going on in China from an objective data standpoint may only touch the surface of what really is going on in China!


1. Industry Report
2. C3 Vision China 每 Industry Critique Report



C3 Vision China details individual companies, alone or as part of an industry study.
Common details include in our Competitor Analysis Reports include:

1. Revenue
2. Market share
3. Distribution channels and network
4. Sales force
5. Pricing
6. Product details
7. Market cap
8. Organizational structure

In addition to the objective data contained in the Competitor Analysis Report, C3 and its affiliates at the China national and local levels can provide a critique of the competitor from the vantage point of ※experienced China eyes.§ These Competitor Critique Reports give context and depth to the objective data in the Competitor Analysis Reports. What your competitors are doing in China might not necessarily be what you want to be doing in China.

1. Competitor Analysis Report
2. C3 Vision China 每 Competitor Critique

C3 Vision China utilizes data mining as well as industry networks to identify possible partners or acquisition candidates. This can include follow-up contacts to confirm company details, or to arrange introductory meetings. C3 works with you to determine your partner search criteria. Then with a refined selection criterion, C3 can relationship mine its industry networks along with its China national and local relationships to apply your selection criteria in locating suitable candidates.


1. Selection Criteria Design and Translation
2. China Relationship Mining
3. Prospective Partners Short List

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