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C3 International Consultants, based in China and the Americas offers executive management consulting services through it four service product lines; 1) China Strategic Business Plan Development, 2) Investment Banking, 3) Strategic Market Research and 4) China Educational Service. C3 offers our services through our worldwide network of affiliated offices and professionals. For more information about the C3 Network of Consultants click on the following link. Partners, Projects & Products.

For western clients, C3 specializes in providing China research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities in China. We provide these services by utilizing our extensive China network of national and local affiliated C3 companies and government agencies to tailor specific cross-cultural solutions for our Western clients.
For Chinese clients, C3 provides research, strategy, and transactional advisory services to identify, validate, and articulate growth opportunities and raising capital outside China. C3 assists Chinese clients to execute their globalization plans by providing these services through the utilization of our extensive network of affiliated C3 companies outside China to tailor specific cross-cultural solutions for Chinese clients.

C3 obtains results for your company by providing the market research to support a client decision to enter a new market, a Best of East And West (“BEWE”) strategic management market entry plan and the necessary execution support - national, local and industry specific relationships - to effectively and efficiently achieve client’s goals.

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Founded in the early 2000’s with consulting roots going back to the 1990’s, the executive management of C3 has completed engagements for clients including startups, small businesses, venture capital and private equity firms, middle market and Fortune 500 companies.
Welcome to the world of C3, where innovation meets expertise that guarantees a successful project. With more than 30 years of worldwide C3 experience, its journey has been a tapestry of evolution, marked by accomplishments that redefine the boundaries of possibility. More than consultants, C3 architects change, sculpting the future of businesses through a multidimensional approach.

C3 global footprint is not just a network—it's a testament to C3 adaptability. Affiliated offices and professionals worldwide form the backbone of our global prowess, allowing C3 to offer solutions and bespoke strategies tailored to the nuances of cross-cultural dynamics. Regarding C3 executive management expertise, the C3 leadership team has years of experience. From nurturing startups to collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, C3 track record speaks of a commitment to success that transcends borders.

Each project is a narrative of progress, from meticulous business plans to orchestrating large-scale project developments with a focus on infrastructure, logistics, energy, and country integration projects. Various projects such as the Thai Project 2020, in which C3 was invited to submit RFQ to provide consultancy and project management services to a listed conglomerate in Thailand Asia that has acquired the right of way to one of the core contracts from Royal State Railway of Thailand (SRT). Such endeavors involved four cross-border jurisdictions and expertise from project finance, engineering, railway infrastructure operations, and telecommunications for more than 600 MM people.

In the early 2000’s, C3 in collaboration with Verizon and IBM formulated the China market entry strategy for Verizon which came to be known as the Verizon Crest Project and which involved the usage of Verizon back-office technology on the IBM platform to provision a Chinese telecom company with then state of the art telecommunication products and management of those projects. The project involved a $112 million capitalization by the companies. Leveraging on this and other telecom project experiences, C3 incorporated an ancillary telecom project into the Honduran project utilizing the railway right of ways and attendant rail communications systems.

The Waste to Energy solid waste integrated gasification project for North America has been a highlighted project and C3 presented such an ancillary project to Honduras for possible generation of necessary energy for the rail project and its dry ports, with the WTE projects being scalable.
The Honduras Interoceanic Railroad, which also includes port, energy, real estate logistical zones, and water developments was successfully integrated and investor approved for a USD 19 Billion investment, C3 having secured funding and project development.

The core of C3 success lies in the seamless integration of its Management Consulting, Investment Banking, and project development services. C3 crafts strategic masterpieces and roadmaps guide clients through the intricate web of global markets, backed by research-driven strategies and transactional advisory services. C3 utilizes its Best of East and West (BEWE) business processes to bring cross-border projects to fruition by combining the best practices from both the East and West as a collaborative solution for all stakeholder countries. The BEWE solution allows for the project host country, Eastern countries, and Western countries to work together in a win-win-win business paradigm.

In a world marked by rapid change, C3 adaptability is its strength. Whether navigating volatile markets or addressing cultural intricacies, C3 ability to pivot and thrive sets C3 apart. C3 has been constantly updating and incorporating the latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies into its corporate processes to reflect consistency in complying with such policies as various global leaders like the World Bank have set for their member banks. This enables C3 to mitigate various risks that clients may be exposed to and thus vastly increase stability and sustainability throughout project frameworks and even proactively identify and moderate potential threats in the early stages of a project. This uniquely puts C3 above in managing project authenticity in securing essential funding or financing.

About C3

Best of East and West (“BEWE”) strategic management market entry plan.

The revival of the Honduran National Railway was not just a project—it's a testament to C3 commitment to rewriting the narrative of nations. C3 Consultants played a pivotal role in this monumental endeavor, securing financing and construction partnerships that echo our dedication to large-scale infrastructure projects.

This project has been designed in 3 phases.
1. Valley of Sula Logistic Railroad: Integrating the zones that account for 68 % of Honduras's Gross National Income, this railway spans 90 km and involves 2 logistical dry ports, cargo and passenger service through main cities in Honduras as well as housing, waste to energy, and tourism projects.
2. Interoceanic Logistical Railroad: The 364 km modern cargo railroad, stretching from the bustling Puerto Cortes to San Lorenzo and Amapala Transoceanic port, is more than just tracks and stations. It's a lifeline that integrates seamlessly with wet and dry port developments, creating a logistical web that not only contributes to job creation but redefines the economic landscape of Honduras. The estimated cargo is 5 to 6 million TEUs per year, with main logistical shipping lines such as COSCO being integrated into the project.
3. Central America Interoceanic Railroad: This phase involves the integration of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to create the Central American Interoceanic Railroad, which would distribute goods and services from ocean to ocean through an integrated 4 country region approach.

C3 journey in Honduras is marked by groundbreaking international collaborations. Picture an alliance that includes Honduras, Spain, the United States, China, and Peru—a testament to our ability to forge global partnerships.This project was prioritized as a National Priority Project by the Honduran government, and C3 used the Best of the East and Best of the West approach to guarantee the most adequate project budgeting, planning, and structuring.

The Honduran Railroad Project: Connecting Continents, Catalyzing Growth