C3 is an international business consulting company with decades of experience in international cross border business transactions with a focus on cross border infrastructure projects utilizing Cina based resources for implementation. Much of C3’s expertise lies in in its unique ability to combine the best business practices of both the East and West which has resulted in a C3 business methodology referred to as its BEWE (Best of East and West) business methodology. BEWE blends the Eastern relationship business model with the Western profit driven business model in a win-win-win model for the project host country, Eastern countries stakeholders and Western countries stakeholders.

By applying its BEWE practices in a disciplined methodical manner, C3 is able to oversee the development of international projects in a collaborative manner among the countries and businesses stakeholders while sourcing the best suited East or West resources for a project. Those resources include but are not limited to financing, both equity and debt, along with EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services to build the project and with operational training to successfully manage the project.

At the heart of this collaborative win – win – win business model is the C3 Network of Consultants comprised of collaborative geographic and subject matter experts who deliver both the geographic business relationships and the subject matter expertise to oversee the development of international projects. For more information about the C3 Network of Consultants click on the following link:

In recent years, C3 has been working on the transoceanic crossing projects of Central America along with the associated port projects relating thereto. For more information about the C3 transoceanic crossing projects of Central America along with the associated port projects click on the following link.

partners    projects & products

partners    projects & products

- Jeff Don , CEO

We offer strategic business plan development, investment banking, strategic market research and venture capital research services through our network of offices and professionals worldwide.

- jeff don, ceo

Utilizing the combined expertise of all C3 international affiliated consultants we are able to deliver a depth of expertise in formulating practical cost efficient solutions , BEWE Solutions for a multicultural business world.

- jeff don , ceo

Key to the success of the C3 Network is the C3 Control Center, which directs the flow of business  and projects among the Local Partners within the C3 Network, matching the diverse expertise available to the needs of an individual project. 

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