C3 business growth & education 

C3 Education is its educational arm that provides educational training to western companies seeking to develop a better understanding of doing business with and in China and for those Chinese companies seeking to better understand how to do business with the west. The cross-border focus of C3 Education seeks to teach and foster the necessary understanding of its C3 BEWE (Best of East and West) methodology which is the foundation to a successful collaboration between East and West companies in executing a cross border infrastructure project.

As part of the C3 Education service, C3 has hosted conferences within China to promote globalization of Chinese businesses and to introduce Western finance trade delegations to support this globalization.

In addition, C3 has led trade delegations from the west to promote the advancement of cross border infrastructure projects such as the 2016 Honduran Trade Delegation to China during which a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between a national level Chinese EPC (engineering, procurement and constructions) company to collaborate on the Honduran Transocean Project. 

This MOU was the start of a multiyear collaborative effort to advance the Honduran Transocean Project with multiple visits by the EPC company to Honduras to gather further project details and travel the route of the proposed initial stage of the build. Additional details about the C3 BEWE the Honduran Transocean Project can be found at the following link:


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